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67% of the sales happen through closers & setters

67% of sales, that’s a huge number! Infact that number is going to grow more & more in next 5 years. Remote closing or sales is something that you need to master in order to achieve your true financial freedom.

I’m very sure that you are wondering, why remote closing? Is there any secret sauce in this that other hustles are missing (such as dropshipping, Amazon FBA, Digital Real E-state) - the secret sauce in remote closing is that you ONLY need to master ONE SKILL which is closing instead of going down the rabbit hole of understanding of how to run a business in other hustles.

Become the TOP 1% closer.
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I have personally worked with TOP 1% sales reps & I know what it takes to become one.

When you work as a remote closer, you would have a client that gives you their warm leads which you have to close on their behalf. Now, let’s do some simple math...

If you close average of 4 leads per day with AOV of 3,000$, you can make $1200 per day easily probably sitting in a nice cafe and never having to worry about financial freedom.

No management of employees, boss, inventory, bills. That’s the POWER of remote closing.

Meet your Mentor, The BeeKeeper

The BeeKeeper of TOP 1% sales bees. Brenden Swank, is the founder and C.E.O of XHive and XClosers Academy. He has a proven track record of developing and implementing effective sales strategies that drive results for leading brands.

Brenden will guide you on your journey to become the TOP 1% closer through his experience of generating sales worth x USD in ONE DAY. This program has limited slots, hurry up & claim your seat for free.

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It is possible for individuals with no prior experience to become successful in sales and closing with dedication, hard work, and guidance from an experienced mentor.


We don’t have a set number because we’re constantly adding new material.

Our program’s placement feature offers the opportunity for individuals who have completed the course to apply for freelance work with our agency. To be considered for these opportunities, you will need to have completed the course and demonstrated a strong understanding of the principles and techniques taught in the program.

No, we do not offer any form of guaranteed placement in our program.

It is not necessarily required for you to leave your current job in order to join this program. Depending on the structure and schedule of the program, it may be possible to complete the course while maintaining your current employment

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Become the TOP 1% closer. Elevate yourself now.