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Thank You Page


Onboarding Steps:
1. Join our course platform: 

  1. Inform your coach you’ve created an account and are ready for approval.
  2. Once approved navigate to the “Classroom” Section to find the course material.
  • Go through everything on the setter mastery that’s posted and specifically this section to learn how to get the position with us and get 50 leads.
  1. Join our discord and chat with members//

Things To Note:

  1. We do 1 weekly call
    1. Wednesday 5-6 PM CST (Sales Training w/ Q&A)
  2. We do have a setter/closer agency
    2. If you prove to us you can perform and go through all of the course material we may place you with one of our clients and present different opportunities.

Best Course Of Action:

  1. Go through all of the setter/closer training
  2. Attend all meetings
  3. Do mock calls with other community members (20-50+)
  4. Inform your coach you’ve done everything above and you want 50 leads to prove your skills.
  5. Talk to your coach and get tips on how to find & land setter/closer opportunities outside of us.
  6. CONSTANTLY BE PRACTICING, the mock calls and actual selling will always beat course material. But the course is good to learn principles and how to navigate the sales process.