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At XCloser Academy, we pledge to be more than just another academy. We are anchored by a deep-seated moral compass, and our mission extends far beyond profits. We genuinely want to uplift, inspire, and empower.

Every individual who comes to us deserves an authentic and transparent experience. We set forth clear and realistic expectations, ensuring you understand the path before you. We passionately believe in the power of ethical sales, and we're committed to ensuring this skill isn't misused.

While sales can indeed be a lucrative venture, we're not here to sell dreams or shortcuts. It's about hard work, dedication, and a commitment to growth. But here's our promise to you: as you embark on this journey, we'll be right beside you every step of the way. From group calls, 1-on-1 coaching, meticulously curated course materials, personal feedback, and tangible sales opportunities, we are all in.

We know the allure of quick success is tempting, but we seek individuals who are committed to genuine growth and are willing to put in the effort. However, for those ready to work diligently, the sky is the limit. Our proven system is designed not only to teach but also to provide real-world experience, paving the way for you to thrive in a remote sales role.

Our founder and dedicated team stand firm in their commitment: we will never compromise our integrity for a fleeting moment of profit. When you join XCloser Academy, you aren't just another number; you become part of a community that prioritizes and values you. As we evolve and grow, our focus remains unyielding: to offer an unparalleled experience and consistently enhance our program.

Together, let's redefine sales, inspire change, and create a legacy built on trust and excellence.

What Is Remote High-Ticket Sales?

Step By Step Blueprint: Here’s how you can become a TOP 1% closer!

Not Another "Course"

We strongly believe to get good at sales, you need to sell... Other programs in this space only offer courses, leaving you to fend for yourself. We're different. Here, you'll not only learn but also get a real chance to implement and showcase your skills by closing on one of our partner's companies, you also get access to our private sales job board with a variety of sales positions.

Sales Coaching Masterminds

Join our daily mastermind sessions with seasoned mentors who have conquered it all. That's right—daily! We listened to your feedback, and we've expanded our calls from twice a week to EVERYDAY. Missing out is nearly impossible now, ensuring you can join at least one session every week!

Mindset Coaching Masterminds

We understand that 90% of sales success stems from the right mindset and personal well-being, we're committed not only to enhancing sales skills but also to enriching the lives of our community members. Our comprehensive program now includes weekly group sessions with a professional mindset coach, along with detailed resources on mental health, shadow work, and more, ensuring holistic development for all participants.

Let's explore what you can learn at
XCloser Academy


101 Game-Plan (Personal Coach)

Indeed, you'll receive access to an individual sales coach just for one-on-one sessions. With over a decade of experience, our sales coaches have contributed to the generation of millions of dollars by establishing, finalizing, and guiding sales teams. In our program, we ensure that you will learn from the most skilled and accomplished professionals in the field!


Course Material

Welcome to a refreshingly different teaching approach – simple, quick, and effective. Unlike other programs, we cut out the fluff and focus solely on the most crucial aspects of high-ticket sales. Our goal is simple: to get you selling as soon as possible. Our course material covers setter mastery and closer mastery, empowering you to excel in the world of high-ticket sales without unnecessary delays.


Mock Calls

You've learned the sales fundamentals, and now it's time to put theory into practice. Pitch to another student using a sample script, and for valuable insights, record and post the call in the community. Students and coaches will provide constructive critiques, refining your pitch and making you a better closer


Get Real Sales Experience

Most programs sell you on a lie that training is enough to be considered by great jobs, now yes it helps but ideally you come to the recruiters with training AND experience. We understand this so we've partnered with a plethora of remote sales opportunities that provide scripts & leads. Now you get ACTUAL sales experience to kick start your sales career!


Job Hunting

Follow our methods, which will guide you on how to secure a position with another company. We also have a hiring platform called RepConnect that you will get access to if you're on the right plan & qualify!

RepConnect has business owners on it looking to hire sales reps for their remote businesses, and if you're on the right plan we also add in our job hunting service where OUR TEAM shows you how to clean up your resume, linkedin profile and we send up to 50 applications DAILY on your behalf making it hard for you not to land a role.

Not just that. You get access to these premium programs:

Setter Mastery Course

Closer Mastery Course

Along with all of the above, you get exclusive access to


Think of it as Instagram exclusively for business owners and sales reps. Explore remote sales opportunities and effortlessly connect with businesses through direct messaging. As an XCloser student, you'll enjoy free access to this platform upon its launch. Empower your sales journey like never before!

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Class Case Studies

Tristan Quibell

“I didn't see joining the program as a risk because I was betting on myself”

Abel Opris

Thats right... 16 years old from Romania making more than both of his parents combined & helping them with bills.

Yasin Khan

“This has changed my life, i've never ever made this much money and didn't think i'd be able to do it so fast at 21 years old...”

These figures do not reflect cash received or commissions earned. Rather, they represent the total value of the deals or payment plans agreed upon.

Our Partner's Job Hunting Service

Keep in mind our partner used to offer a guaranteed role or they send out applications until one is landed, we do NOT offer any form of guaranteed sales positions for this offer anymore, this is due to there being many variables such as you performing on the interview, showing up to the interviews & following our guidance on building out your resume & social medias.

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