Learn Remote Sales For $0.00 👇

Tired of expensive sales courses? We're too and so now it's FREE!

Level 1: Learning Remote Sales ($0.00)

Learn Setting & Closing FREE!

We have compiled hundreds of course modules that teach up-to-date remote setting (SDR) and remote closing (AE) sales processes and techniques. Additionally, you will receive two weekly sales masterminds with one of our coaches. We also provide various strategies for finding remote sales roles on your own. This comprehensive training is sufficient on its own, so you won’t need our Level 2 and 3 offers, but they are available to further accelerate your remote sales career!

Level 2: Getting Experience ($97/mo)

Start Remote Setting in 7-14 days!

This package includes access to two softwares, weekly group coaching calls, and access to both Discord and Skool communities. The first software is our setter/closer hiring platform, which connects you with a variety of coaches, agencies, & consultant businesses looking to hire. The second software is our partnered platform, offering 20-30+ setter opportunities, allowing you to call provided leads directly through the software!

Level 3: Land Full-Time Sales Role (Options)

Remote Sales Role In 30-90 Days or Refund!

This service offers both DWY (Done With You) and DFY (Done For You) options. Using our OBVA system, we will help you secure you a role within 30-90 days of working with us, or you get your money back. Qualification and terms apply. If you're interested, click below!